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Homefire has been the nation’s number one choice of smokeless fuel for over 50 years. That’s because Homefire has earned its reputation as the best performing smokeless coalIt burns with an attractive flame, has excellent heat output – giving out over 30% more heat than house coal, and easily lasts through the night to give you a warm and cosy room the next morning.

Homefire can be burnt in smokeless zones. It is also HETAS approved, meaning it has been tested as being safe and fit for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

Homefire smokeless coal is better for the environment too as it emits 5 times less smoke and 25% less Carbon Dioxide than house coal.

Whilst Homefire will burn on all solid fuel appliances, its larger, hexagonal shape (75 X 40mm) means it works best on open fires and multi-fuel stoves where you want a balance of good performance and attractive flame.

  • Burns with a naturally attractive flame
  • Produces over 30% more heat than house coal
  • Emits 5x less smoke and 25% less carbon dioxide than house coal
  • Suitable for smokeless zones
  • HETAS approved
  • Slumbers well overnight
  • Low ash content

Homefire is authorised for use in smoke control areas.

Calorific Value: 32275